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Local Roots CSA Week 11

Local Roots Farm CSA Week 11

In the Local Roots CSA box waiting on my front porch this afternoon I found:

  • Bunch of beets
  • Bag of arugula! Yay!
  • Bunch of tatsoi
  • Bunch of pretty purple radishes
  • Bag of mixed salad greens
  • Head of garlic
  • Several small round cucumbers
  • Bag of basil! Yay!
  • One long green cucumber
  • Two large yellow zucchini

We had a no-show at our pick-up tonight, so I’ve just shoehorned double the amount of vegetables in the photo into our refrigerator. Some of those veggies will be going to the office with me tomorrow (where several CSA members’ surplus veggies are left on the kitchen counter to be adopted), but the basil, arugula and garlic won’t be among them. Pesto, yay!

Green tomato and crab po’boy

Some foods are as beautiful as they are delicious: perfect strawberries, a golden roast chicken, fresh green spears of asparagus.

Some foods make up in taste for what they lack in looks… such as this fried green tomato and Dungeness crab po’boy that I picked up from Where Ya At Matt at the Queen Anne Farmers Market this evening. Matt handed it to me tightly wrapped in paper, then we carefully carried it the several blocks from the farmers market to home. By the time I unwrapped the sandwich, its crispy fried tomatoes (not nearly green enough for my taste) had softened somewhat, and the dressing on the crab was soaking into the soft bun, but it was still quite a treat.