Feline Friday: Dreaming

kitty dreaming

While I now sometimes get to sit in the small gift armchair in our living room, it’s still a favorite of the cats. Sasha, in particular, likes to sleep atop the back of the chair, his body curving to fit the space between upholstered frame and attached cushion. Except that he doesn’t quite fit on the chair, and something’s always hanging over the edge: a fluffy white paw, a ring-striped tail, or a big, tawny head. On this day, Sasha was deep asleep on the chair, his little nose wrinkling, his paws twitching. Was he running or wrestling, stalking or smelling the flowers? Sweet dreams, Sasha-bear!

What do kitties dream of? Perhaps watching the lesser other animals aboard the Friday Ark, and getting together with friends at Weekend Cat Blogging, hosted by What Did You Eat?

5 thoughts on “Feline Friday: Dreaming”

  1. Sometimes Mr. Rhett drools while sleeping… I always think he must be dreaming about food… or mice. No, I doubt he would know what to do with a mouse if he had one!

  2. Lovely feline photos as usual. They always make me just a wee bit jealous, but in a good way. Her colors are similar to Percy’s, but P has short hair.

  3. Beautiful closeup shot, I’m amazed the chair not shredded by a cat. I have not been so fortunate. I have bad kitty cats.

  4. srp: Sergie drools while sleeping, and he snores, too!

    sophie: Thanks! The pics you’ve posted of the kittens were adorable.

    sher: Thanks so much! They’re not all that good; I don’t post a lot of the ones I shoot.

    Mog: Our cats are not always good, but thy have been relatively kind to that chair.

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