Day 8: Pie and sunshine

As I wandered through the farmers’ market this morning, I noticed a new market stall. This time of year, as many farmers are closing up shop for the winter, new faces are unusual. Under a shiny new tent, between wooden display cases filled with puffed brown pastries, Jenny (of Pies by Jenny) handed out bite-sized samples of wild huckleberry pie. The huckleberries in the pie came from Foraged and Found Edibles, one of the regulars at the market. The main ingredients in all of Jenny’s pies, both sweet and savory, come from the market’s farmers: pork from Whistling Train Farm, apples from Rockridge Orchards, chicken and vegetables from other local farmers. Jenny is the newest in a group of cooks and bakers who sell prepared foods made with farmers’ market ingredients. That’s an eat local double whammy, to know both the farmer who produced the food and the cook who prepared it.

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big pie
Five pounds of apples in this pie, Jenny tells me. It’s a beauty, the flaky layers of its crust visible around the fluted edges. The light and shadow tells the tale of today’s weather. Pie and sunshine; what more could you want?