Feline Friday: Sharing the pillow

lyra in loaf position

Lyra has a favorite spot in the bed, right up against Paul’s pillows. This spot is available only when Paul isn’t in the bed, and Lyra often nabs it as soon as he gets up in the morning.

She likes to have that spot all to herself, but sometimes she’s forced to share.

forced to share

Usually, when there’s a kitten pile, Lyra has her back to the pillow. How Sasha and Sergei got between Lyra and the pillow is a mystery to me.

You should see the kitten pile aboard the Friday Ark! (There are other animals there, too.)

3 thoughts on “Feline Friday: Sharing the pillow”

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  2. Wow, they are so cute together. I love your photos – the definitions and colours are always so beautiful. That is definitely a kitty pile! 🙂

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