Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day: Before

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I have to confess: I did not clean out my refrigerator today. I was going to do it, because I thought that today was National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. And apparently, according to some calendars, it is. While the origins of this (holi?)day are lost in the mists of pre-Internet time, the most wordy (which is not to say definitive) source I found speculates that NCOYRDay was instituted by the folks at Whirlpool, who set it on the third Wednesday in November… which would be today.

However, with the advent of the Internet, the world as we knew it changed. In the time of e-Cards, which were soon created for more weird holidays than I’d have thought existed, NCOYRDay got stuck, not on a day of the week, but on a particular date, November 15, which happened to be the third Wednesday of November in 2000.

Far be it from me to argue with the wisdom of the Web. I’ll clean out my refrigerator tomorrow. And I’ll post photos, too.

For more dirty fridge pics, click:
who knows what lurks in the depths

door o' drinks

it's freezing in here!

4 thoughts on “Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day: Before”

  1. What a well-stocked freezer you have! My freezer currently holds popscicles, ice cream, and vodka. (Oh, wait, there’s a piece of salmon in there, way at the back.)

  2. What can you learn about people from the contents of their refrigerators? Ours is usually filled with all kinds of beverages. My mother-in-law’s is full of all kinds of condiments. My mom’s is full of all of the above, plus leftovers.

  3. I think this day coincides with “food shopping for Thanksgiving and make room for your turkey day.” My fridge needs help. Lots of help.

  4. A very well-picked date for this particular celebratory task, for who does not need to at least reorganize a bit prior to cramming a giant turkey into the fridge. After reorg, mine looks worse than yours did before cleaning. A lot worse. But now, it’s filling up with Thanksgiving prep. Perhaps once all the leftovers are gone, I will do better…

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