Eating Locally in September

Eat Local Challenge

Tomorrow is the first day of the 2007 Eat Local Challenge, and I’m in. Or I will be, after we get home to Seattle Tuesday from a long weekend away. (I’ll try to eat locally as much as I can this weekend, too, but I’m not yet sure what that will look like. What will be available in the eastern Sierra? I’ll let you know.)

Much of the food we eat now comes from our local farmers’ markets, where we are able to buy not only fruits and vegetables, but eggs, milk, cheese, chicken, fish, shellfish, meat, honey, bread, grains, flours, herbs and vinegars. In September, I plan to increase the percentage of local foods in my diet to almost 100 percent. I say almost because there are some exceptions — foods not grown in Washington, the lack of which would negatively effect my quality of life.

What’s missing from our locally-grown larder? Coffee (not only my quality of life would be diminished by its absence!), chocolate, citrus, spices. I won’t give those up, but I will purchase them from local roasters, chocolatiers, and grocers.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

If you want to learn more about the Eat Local Challenge, visit the Locavores‘ website and the Eat Local Challenge website.

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4 thoughts on “Eating Locally in September”

  1. My older daughter(the one I’m helping move in Seattle all this weekend-U District to Capitol Hill) is very into this movement. She has talked to me at length about it. In fact, I think she was on a committee or a group about it. It sounds wonderful! Like you, I won’t give up my coffee or chocolate, but I’m willing to try the rest.

  2. We are blessed to belong to the Jubilee Farm CSA in beautiful Carnation because nothing beats picking your own veggies. Have you seen THE REAL DIRT ON FARMER JOHN? It’s a great documentary about the quirky, first CSA farmer.

    Geraniums are red;
    Delphiniums are blue.
    As I diet on Seattle coffee and chocolate
    I’ll think of you.

  3. Browsing the Eat Local Challenge, I found your blog. I thought that you might be interested in our website Loulies which has two features: (1) “e-bites” which are sent out , on average, twice a week via email. The are short musings on anything and everything inspired by food and always include a great recipe, must-have tip, menu idea, new ingredient discovered etc. You must sign-up to receive the e-bites. (2) A Cook the Book club for those who want to learn to cook better with us (like a traditional book club, but we cook instead of read – this is how Suzanne and I met over 10 years ago and have learned to cook better with friends – it is really a great concept).


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