Feline Friday: Isabel

Solar Cat

This week, the McKittens are taking a break from their hectic photo shoot schedule, and are happy to yield the Feline Friday floor to a special guest.

The lovely Isabel shares a sunny Seattle apartment with her feline companion Owen, and humans C & B. Isabel is sleek and shiny, a minimalist study in white and shell pink. She has one blue eye and one green, and the deafness that often accompanies such coloring. Although she can’t hear people telling her that she’s beautiful, it’s evident that she knows. How could she not?

Is Isabel dreaming of all the animals aboard the Friday Ark? Or of May flowers, like the cats at S’Kat and the food‘s Weekend Cat Blogging? Or perhaps of the elegant Aloysius at Catymology, which hosts Carnival of the Cats on Sunday?

8 thoughts on “Feline Friday: Isabel”

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  2. How do you keep the bright background from creating so much shadow on your subject? I have tried all sorts of things to no avail…. perhaps I should read the manual book… that usually helps!

  3. Wow, this photograph is so perfect it almost looks unreal. What a beautiful cat! (I do miss the McKittens though.)

  4. I discovering your blog and I’m happy, because your photos are very beautiful …
    Before, I went on the blog ” meanwhilehereinfrance”and it’s by this way I saw”Music and cats”…I love cats and music and lots of things, but your flowers photos are also , beautiful…
    It’s difficult for me to say that I think because I’m french and my english is very basic!!! Excuse me !
    Don’t laugh, but my husband is english!!! I’m a desperate case !!
    When I’ll understand more with blogger, I add your blog in my futur links list…
    I’ll come soon to see your new photo
    à bientôt, Mireille

  5. Pure white cats have a special place in my heart as I had a little lovely white girl with huge yellow eyes for 14 years. She was a peach….I would get another white cat in a heartbeat.

    Wish I could see her eyes!

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