Feline Friday: Window in the cat


I opened the front bedroom window, and leaned out to photograph the snow on our street. When I turned back into the room, I found that Sasha had come to find the source of the cold air leaking into the house. He sat on the edge of the bed, quivering with desire for the many exotic scents carried on the crisp breeze. To step onto the windowsill, or not? A paw reached tentatively toward the sill, then pulled back. I closed the window.

Sasha’s view out the window is reflected in his golden-green eye.

4202-window in a cat's eye

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13 thoughts on “Feline Friday: Window in the cat”

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  2. Has Sasha ever seen this much snow? Mr. Rhett ran out the door one winter into a 2 inch snow and suddenly stopped. Almost like walking on water, he turned and, shaking each paw with every step, he pranced back to the warmth of his sunroom. I bet he never tries that again!

  3. Our windows are our cats favorite spots. I have a birdfeeder right outside our bay window in the dining room and Squeaker will sit there at “talk” at the birds. He wants outside for those birds so bad he can taste it!

    Great pics! Love the one of the reflection.

    Happy Friday!

  4. Kimberly, I’m going to hold you responsible if I end up divorced — you’ve pushed me over the edge and I *will* get myself my dream camera for Christmas even if the repercussions are serious.

  5. Beautiful photo-you are so good at this! Sasha is a lovely cat , and reminds me a lot of my late lamented Roberto, a foundling, who appeared to be at least part Maine Coon, and had gray tiger markings. I always think these extra furry cats wear their hearts on their sleeves (or would , I guess, if cats wore shirts.) They just seem, while still cat like and mysterious, less emotionally inscrutible than other cats.

  6. Love the reflection of the window – it was hard to keep our cats inside with all the snow this past week – “I want to go OUT” “I want to come IN” “I WANT TO GO OUT! “I REALLY want to come in..” LOL – Thank heavens it’s going away! Cheers from Bellingham! Tina, Neelix & Sinda

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  8. Hi,

    I just found your blog while surfing the web. Wonderful! As I was looking through it, I found these pictures of your “Sasha.” He reminds me a great deal of my cat, Pepper. A very special cat indeed and greatly missed. He passed away several years ago. He was a large Maine Coon, weighing twenty pounds at full growth. I’ll be checking back.

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