Feline Friday: Up close and personal with Lyra McKitten

3767-lyra looks

The small gray cat called Isabella who arrived at our house over four years ago was extremely skittish. It was obvious that she had been mistreated at some point in her short life; she was torn between her enormous desire for affection and her fear of further abuse.

Within a few days, we gave her a new name, Lyra Silverfur, a play on the name of a character in Philip Pullman’s magical His Dark Materials trilogy. And we set about to convince her, each and every day, that people could be trusted.

3765-lyra rubs

We suceeded beyond our wildest expectations. Miss Lyra is the most social, affection-loving cat I know. When the petting she wants is not immediately forthcoming, she complains. Loudly. She head butts. She noses her way under an available hand. And she rarely tires of being petted, rubbed, scratched or groomed. While Lyra has many nicknames, two of the most commonly used, Bopster(ina) and Sponge, reflect her affection-seeking behavior.

3766-lyra licks

She is a happy – and very well-loved – little cat. And she has a very cute pink tongue.

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4 thoughts on “Feline Friday: Up close and personal with Lyra McKitten”

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  2. I’m sure she appreciates all the attention after whaever she went through in her past life…I’m sure Ms Lyra is only showing you how much she appreciates you.

    My cat Phantom looks a lot like her & has some of her head butting & ‘available hand’ searching habits, I wouldn’t have it any other way. ok, maybe I wouldn’t mind if he didn’t do it at 5:00 AM, but I love it!

    PS: Is your kitchen all done?

  3. My heart almost stopped because Miss Lyra looks so much like a dear departed cat I once had. Lyra is so lucky to have found you, but you are obviously lucky to have her! She’s beautiful.

  4. She is so silver. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a wonderful grey colored coat before. And a sweetie to boot…. love the happy endings.

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