Feline Friday: Do cats smile?


Everyone knows that dogs smile; there’s no mistaking their happy, tongue-lolling grins. But do cats smile? Before Sasha came to live with us, I might have argued that they don’t. But I’d be willing to bet that’s a smile on Sasha’s face. And who can blame him? A soft, just-washed blanket folded over a warm radiator is about the perfect spot for a McKitten on a chilly fall evening.

The cats may have their Mona Lisa faces on, but the dogs on board the Friday Ark are sure to be grinning. You’ll be smiling, too, at all the cat pics at Weekend Cat Blogging (hosted by I Got Two Shoes) and the Carnival of the Cats (hosted by Laurence Simon’s Catcall on Sunday).

13 thoughts on “Feline Friday: Do cats smile?”

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  2. I can guarantee you that all feline denizens of the House of Chaos do know how to smile, and will do so when justified. Like when Grumpy Man trips over Bean Sidhe, or when Bouncing Psycho falls off the stairs because he hadn’t seen Loup-Garou.
    Bean Sidhe has been seen to guffaw.

  3. What a lovely smile… Mona Lisa indeed! Willow smiles… especially when she has irritated Scarlett. Mom’s cat Maggie, has a permanent frown on her chubby face.

  4. Every cat can smirk. But not all of them smile. Archie smiles beautifically. Syd does not. Thus, she is forced to convey pleasure and contentment by rolling on her back, curling up her toes, wiggling her butt, and rolling from side to side like a puppy. This also works.

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  6. Oh yes, cats do smile, especially russian blue mixes.. every morning I am greeted by the “evil” grinning smile of Koney!! Cats do smile! So do I!

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