Feline Friday: The nicknaming of cats

by Kimberly on September 22, 2006

in Cats


When we brought him home with us four years ago, we knew him only as Sasha. His foster mom gave him that name, and his brother another Russian name, Sergei.

Thanks to TS Elliott, we know that Sasha, like all cats, has a couple of names to which we’ll never be privy. That doesn’t stop us from guessing, and giving him lots of nicknames in the process: Mr. Stripe. Bearface. Rufty Tufty. Fluffhead. Mrrrrup (for the trilling sound he makes). Tufty-toes. Captain McKitten (for the superhero tabby M on his forehead). Sasha Bear Stripey Hair Fuzziest Kitty Anywhere. Oh, and Fang.

Do you give your cat(s) nicknames? Do you think they know?

The McKittens don’t care what we call them, as long as we take them for a ride on the Friday Ark. They might share their names with the felines at the House of Chaos, which hosts the Carnival of the Cats on Sunday. Weekend Cat Blogging #68 is at ChefSarahJane this weekend.

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