Feline Friday: Inspector Z

You (and almost everyone else) know him as Sergei, but Chez McKitten, we call him Z. Sometimes it’s Mr. Z. The story of Sergei’s nickname involves a modern variant of an old English Morris dance, a rapid forward movement in said dance described by Dave as “surging,” the misunderstanding of “surging” by Sarah, who heard it as “zerging” (and wondered aloud just what “zerging” meant), the laughter than ensued, the adoption by our group of dance friends of the term “zerg” to describe the movement in that particular dance, Paul’s and my application of “zerg” to Sergei’s rapid movements, our adoption of the nickname Zergo for Sergei, and its eventual shortening to, simply, Z. Got all that? Good. When Z is bad, he becomes Sergei again… as in “Sergei, get down from there!” Now on to today’s story.

Several days ago, Mr. Z was surprised to discover that two men had arrived at his front door carrying large white wooden boxes. What were those boxes, and why did the men put them in the McKitten living room? They took up more than half of the space! We told him that the boxes were cabinets for our new kitchen. They still took up lots of space.

inspector z: what are these doing here?

Mr. Z donned his inspector’s uniform (which is a tuxedo, just like his everyday suit). Then Inspector Z began to check the boxes. He checked the top of each box. He checked the sides of each box. He tried to check the bottoms of a couple of boxes, but had little luck with that. He did, however, find a way into a couple of the boxes! Everything was very interesting.

inspector z: checking them allinspector z: inspecting the cabinets

Although all of the cabinets were inspected by Inspector Z on the day they arrived, one never knows what might happen while they’re sitting in his living room, so he checks them again – top and sides – each day.

inspector z: there's a place for cat food, so z approves

Don’t worry, Mr. Z. You have only 6 days left to keep watch over the boxes. Of course, you’ll get to inspect them again once they’re installed in the kitchen. Now that should be fun!

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6 thoughts on “Feline Friday: Inspector Z”

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  2. I love the way my cat inspects every.single.thing I bring into the house. We got an entertainment center not too long ago–and experience the phases of inspection as well.

  3. Clover loves anything that looks like a box: closet, cardboard box, suitcase, even a shoe box. She can scrunch herself into a shoe box. Willow (all 18 pounds of fluff and fat) cannot, she tries but usually just squishes the box.

    Inspector Z should have a Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe to match; perhaps even his own spectacles.

  4. I am always amazed how quickly Archie and Sid find anything new-no matter how small-that I bring in. Last week, I bought a tiny little hand thrown bowl. I came home, and set it on the dining room table.

    The cats had been napping, woke up, and both headed straight for it. They looked so suspicious, sniffing around and looking at each other..I felt I was being discussed disapprovingly.

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