Feline Friday: Watching and waiting

watching together

twitching together

watching together

Are Sasha and Sergei watching and waiting for a friend to play with? No, they’re eyeing the robin holding forth on the electrical line outside my office window. He sits on the wire, only a few feet from the house, and talks to the other neighborhood birds. Sasha and Sergei watch, and chatter, and twitch.

This weekend, I doubt the McKittens will spend much time staring out this or any other window. Finally (over a month later than originally planned), we and some of our friends will be demolishing our kitchen to prepare for remodeling. Our cats do not like noise, or people they don’t know well, so I expect they’ll spend most of Saturday and Sunday under our bed. I’m sure they’ll be too stressed to pay much attention to the Carnival of the Cats, which will be at Music and Cats on Sunday.

Music and Cats?!? That’s here! Did I mention that I’ll be tearing out counters and cabinets and sinks (oh, my!) this weekend? And flooring and plaster and lath, too? So folks, lower your expectations. You want little pics of your cat(s) in the Carnival? That’s so 2nd Anniversary. It’s going to be a stripped-to-the-studs, no-fancy-finishes Carnival this weekend. And please, please, please use the Carnival Submission Form to submit your post (or send an email, nicely formatted, with working html links).

Sergei and Sasha have heard that Steve allows birds on board the Friday Ark; they are so there. Then they’ll be off to eatstuff, home of Weekend Cat Blogging, to see whether Kiri and the other cat/food bloggers have any serving suggestions for robin.

8 thoughts on “Feline Friday: Watching and waiting”

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  2. Look their playing the “My tail’s on top. No. My tail’s on top.” game. I wonder what the cats say to each other about the birds. Unfortunately, it’s probably “Yum, yum, doesn’t he look tasty?”

    I had my kitchen remodeled once. The contractor met me at the door after that first day saying “We didn’t get quite as much done as I had hoped.” When I walked in, the floor was gone, all the cabinets except one by the sink were gone. The stovetop was gone, pantry gone, wet bar gone, half bath behind the kitchen completely gone. Only the fridge, sink and one attached counter top and cabinet remained. I always wondered what it would have looked like if he HAD completed what he planned that first day. Poor kitties. My group sends condolences. Well, except for the Ragdolls as they weren’t with us then.

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