Carnival of the Cats #120

Welcome to the 120th Carnival of the Cats: Demolition edition.

What, you may ask, does demolition have to do with the Carnival of the Cats? Nothing, really, but I’m sitting here, covered in plaster dust, drinking a diet coke and finishing up the Carnival a little late, because of demolition.

sergei at the zip doorThis weekend, we’re demolishing our 1970’s kitchen to make way for a new kitchen more in keeping with the style of our 1908 house. This demo was planned for a month ago, but as construction schedules are wont to do, the schedule slipped. As a result, I’ve been tearing out cabinets for a few hours, then taking a break to add a few more kitty photos to the Carnival, ripping up sheet vinyl ’til I’m exhausted, then adding a couple more links…

And the McKittens? While they have expressed some interest in visiting the construction site (that’s Sergei looking through the zip-door separating the kitchen from the rest of the house), they’ve mostly taken to the upstairs to nap away these weekend days, much as they always do. Sadly, we haven’t had time to join them. In fact, it’s time for me to get back to my sawzall.

Here are the cats:

D at Musings… presents A Russian Feline Friday!. Musings will be hosting Carnival of the Cats #121. We’ll have to wait ’til next weekend to see what special edition D might have in store for us.

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Martin Lindeskog at EGO presents Morris Sponsored by Bruno Mathson?

John at StrangeRanger presents Guest Cat redux

That’s all for today, folks. If by chance I missed you, please let me know, and I’ll add links later. (There will be demo pics later, too, for the demolition junkies out there. You know who you are.) And don’t forget to visit the Modulator’s Friday Ark each weekend, for lots of cats and other lesser members of the animal kingdom.

14 thoughts on “Carnival of the Cats #120”

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  2. Thanks Kimberly for getting the Carnival up and running so quickly, especially with all the consturction work. Great job!

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  6. Such dedication, to get the Carnival rolling despite nasty demolition. Be watchful of your feline friends during construction. I heard tell that one of my predecessors in this house actually ran away from home while her kitchen was being remodeled!

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