Feline Friday: Slowly she turned…




It seems to me that Lyra’s mood varies greatly in these three shots, taken only seconds apart. I recognize that my perception may have little to do with how Lyra was really feeling, and more to do with the emotions that I ascribe to minute changes in her face.

If you’re one of those folks who think that cats don’t have moods, then
a) you haven’t lived with our cats, and
b) how did you ever find your way here?

eatstuff‘s Weekend Cat Blogging turns one year old this weekend! All the animals turn up – some of them even come solo! – at the Friday Ark. Tacjammer does a star turn hosting Carnival of the Cats on Sunday.

11 thoughts on “Feline Friday: Slowly she turned…”

  1. Your cat photos are just the best. You do have particularly beautiful cats, but so do I…(at least , in my opinion) and my cat photos are dire. They seem to sense when I am even thinking of taking their pictures, and become energized, and start boogie-ing and vibrating all over the place, instead of posing languidly, or waiting to pounce as usual.
    I swear, they even look blurry in life, before I try to snap a shot. Why can’t they just stay where they are while you adjust the camera- like, say, food?
    Do you have any cat photo tips (apart from getting a better camera, which is not currently feasible. I just have a Canon Powershot A75, and take all my photos with it.

  2. you’re cat photos are something special. I love that bit of pink that’s showing in the last picture. And the second one is so demure. Lyra is so pretty!

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  4. Wow, you are beautiful!!! Of course we have moods, what are these humans thinking!!! Hope you will stop by and check out my aerobics routine soon, over at Veggies…that’s my Meowmie’s blog.

    Chow for now, The Mitz

  5. An excellent series. Did you really catch her turning toward you?

    The blog world has taught me a lot about cats. Before this, I had no idea how expressive their faces can be. People post the cat pics and explain what was going on at the time, which has helped me understand what these little buggers are really about.

  6. My take on these beautiful photos is not that her mood changed but that she is flirting for the camera and trying to be oh so subtle about it.

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  8. I was gone this weekend and missed all the kitties. You are absolutely right, cats do display emotion and ours often ACT on that emotion. This sometimes results in a nip on the elbow if there is not enough attention paid. Scarlett has to be the queen of emotion… and the queen of response as well.

  9. I love cats! Particularly good pics here and of my fac colour of cats…black! They’re so special..we’ve had 4 different black ones, Goblin, Soot, Twinkie, and Smudge. I miss them since we just kinda got into calico. Just starting to tke pics and blog them. My blog is lots of various things, not just cats….lots of stories and poetry.

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