Feline Friday: Sergonomics


I have a new desk chair in my home office. Sergei, ever solicitous of my health and well-being, feels compelled to study the chair’s ergonomics. When I ask whether he’s finished testing, he acts like I’m not even there.

The Friday Ark has left the building for a three-hour four-day tour. All of the McKittens – but Sasha in particular – will be happy to pad on over to Furry Paws on Sunday for the Carnival of the Cats.

9 thoughts on “Feline Friday: Sergonomics”

  1. I have a few of those testers here.
    Nick tests the desk chair in the library.
    Clover and Chloe are doing weight tests on my desk chair.
    Willow tests the lasting comfort of the leather recliner as she sleeps upside down for 10 hours at a time. (Willow is the true definition of “couch potatoe”)
    Rhett tests the chairs at the kitchen table, any of them, during meals, even if empty for only ten seconds.
    Actually, only Scarlett refrains from the chair testing… but this is only because she is so busy maintaining the quality testing of the beds.

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  3. What a handsome tux! And I love his name! I have 3 chair testers at my house. … … well, one of them is really just a chair warmer!

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