Carnival of the Cats #104: 2nd Anniversary

Carnival of the Cats

The McKittens were so worn out from putting together the Carnival that they had to go nap in the sun, leaving me to welcome you to the Second Anniversary Edition of the Carnival of the Cats. This is all about the cats, so without further adieu…

Carnival of the Cats 1

beezersong: LHK wants to know how to photograph a kitty’s love.

StrangeRanger: John catches Maddie going from zero to sixty, and guest cat Matilda has a home next door.

personal political: Suze joins the Carnival for the first time with a cat in silhouette and cat siblings.

Lucky White Girl: Barb captures Snookie in a sunbeam. (There’s a dog in this post, too!)

No Deep Thoughts: PJ’s going to a trip, and Rhett’s trying to stow away.

Carnival of the Cats 2

Just Between Strangers: ACM Pasha in the sun.

Blog d’Elisson: There’s a Hakuna / Matata obstacle course on Elisson’s stairs.

enrevanche: Barry discovers once again that Mr. Gato takes his water where he finds it.

Melange: SRP knows that angel-faced Mr. Rhett is really a devil at heart.

Lab Kat: Pixel has found a warm, snuggly spot.

Carnival of the Cats 3

The Mad Hatter: RFOAC? Jeremy makes a cat scan joke.

Texas Oasis: Blueberry reports that Jax has been staying up late at the SxSW Music Festival. (How would Blueberry know that? Hmmm…)

Conservative Cat: Ferdy takes the top bunk, making him Master of all he surveys.

Two Black Cats and Me: Who cares that the box is empty? It still smells great!

Manx Mnews: Kitties are priceless. For everything else, Debra uses MasterCATS.

Carnival of the Cats 4

Wes Phillips’ Stereophilia: Context is everything. Huckleberry and Bagheera become Huckzilla vs Beastheera. Julie enlists Smoke, Grace and Buddy as inhouse Quality Control Inspectors.

keewee’scorner: keewee gets a testimonial from guest-catblogger Chico.

Memoirs of a Feline Empress in Exile: Brach says, “Kiss me, I’m Irish.” Kukka-Maria thinks otherwise.

Mensa Barbie Welcomes You: Perhaps Barbie will ask Butterscotch to pour.

Composite Drawlings: It’s Spring, and Furfur’s thoughts turn to birds… and maybe bees?

Carnival of the Cats 5

catymology: Aloysius Pangur Ban wants to know: do I look fat in this color?

Middle-Fork: the Robot Vegetable sees a Lady comin’ through the rye grass.

Leslie’s Omnibus: the Divine Miss Marilyn is not pleased; Tiger Boots is not sympathetic.

LadyGunn: Sydney may be psycho, but she’s cute, too, and Booie has a leg to stand lie on.

Watermark: SB makes Spike and Boo watch scary videos for St. Patrick’s Day.

Carnival of the Cats 6

So you think you want to remodel your kitchen?: If Erin is my blog-daughter, then her cats must be my grandkittens. Look, aren’t they beautiful?

Ratiocination: Paul needed a little kitty therapy. (Hey, those cats look familiar!)

eatstuff: Clare shows Kiri trying out a wonderful new Kitty Storage System! (Foodbloggers’ Weekend Cat Blogging is at eatstuff, too.) Catherine’s cats are not pleased that she left them with the catsitter; they insist on consequences for bad human behavior.

Gigolo Kitty: GK is finishing up his production of Hamlet!

Carnival of the Cats 7

Farmgirl Fare: Susan’s J2 is soaking up sun.

My Cats Are French: CFO Mom knows that cats are creatures of instinct, because she lives with Mr. Bigglesworth, Bunny Biter.

annoying little twerp: Barb says that Sasha and Shady love St. Patrick’s Day… but do they really?

Contemblogging: First-time carnival participant Suzanne has fancy Rockie pages, and wonders: Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Dog?

…slowly she turned: Laurie has taken Miss Jazz to the chiropractor.

Carnival of the Cats 8

jenett.: joe’s cats are having a camera-averse moment.

The Scratching Post: K T Cat tells a cat-blogging joke. Hahaha… ha… ha… OK, on to the next…

quasiquarantanni: garagolo presents Sam the Fat Cat.

EGO: Martin needs to take a cue about relaxing from Morris.

The Wide Awake Cafe: Laura Lee Donoho waits for the Captain to give his approval.

Carnival of the Cats 9

Begin Each Day as if it Were on Purpose: Rondi wonders Who Said What?

The Blog Pound: Leigh-Ann thinks that Bing doesn’t want you to read this post.

Mais pourquoi m’ont-ils fait �a ?: Na�s is getting a new neighbour. (Na�s is Canadian, a cat, and speaks French. She will spell neighbor as she pleases, no matter what I say.)

lisaviolet’s dear diary: lisaviolet catches Richie relaxing on the sofa.

Val’s Bien: with Valerie’s encouragement, Tigger works it in this photo shoot.

Carnival of the Cats 11

One never knows from week to week which of these two bloggers will submit the greatest number of cat posts. This week, Sissy and Mog are tied, with 4 each.

Mind of Mog: Mog weighs in with Break In, Little Problem, Tiny Tornado Hit and it’s Furry Feline Time Again.

Sisu: Sissy counters with Did He who made the lamb?, Before greater truths can be discerned, Mitt is a handsome man and a day in the life.

Carnival of the Cats 10 Millie presents Weekend Catblogging: Better Late Than Never!.

Furry Paws: Mimi’s art-loving cat Sebastian has a Warhol moment.

Bigcatheads – The Blog: Bruce’s cat is suffering from a bad case of cat dander.

In memoriam: Todd doesn’t have a blog, but he has a web page for the much-loved Alex.

And, last but not least, from Laurence Simon, founder of the Carnival… TBIFOC: Toy thief! Toy thief!

Late entry update: (sorry, Kitties d’Oubliette, I’ve lost my photo mojo)
The Oubliette: Mira calls this game find the kitty, but I think the kitties would call it find the Mira.

That’s all for this week! (Please let me know if I missed you.) Next Sunday, the Carnival of the Cats will be at Scribblings. And every week, the Modulator‘s Friday Ark has room for any animal… but the cats are always on top!

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  6. Excellent Carnival – I still get a thrill seeing my own pics (sad really). How many entries did you get in total?

    Well done, and thanks for your hard work.

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  10. We are offended by the whole “My cats are French” site. We are all French (though our blogs are canadian), and we do bathe a lot (cats and humans alike), we smell nice and are very sweet. We don’t like Jerry Lewis movies. And we believe that there is no pride whatsoever in being intolerant towards a religion or race. We’re saddened that this site is associated with the carnival of the cats.
    But Music and Cats did a GREAT job, the presentation with thumbnail pictures is lovely, congratulations !
    Rébecca, Nicolas (French humans), Naïs and June (cats)

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