Feline Friday: Cat Textures

cat textureSilky and sleek, fluffy and fine…

You’ll find the furred and feathered at the Friday Ark. Come Sunday, the Carnival of the Cats will be at pages turned.

Update: In the comments, there has been some confusion about Sasha’s and Sergei’s positions in this photo. I know which parts are which… but I know the McKittens’ furry bodies very well, and I took the photo.

cattexture2Perhaps the entire photo from which I cropped my abstract fur art will help. All clear now?

4 thoughts on “Feline Friday: Cat Textures”

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  2. What a great abstract photograph! I recognize wispy whiskers, perhaps a paw, and lots of fur tufts. Must have been Sergei ans Sasha wrestling or snuggling.

  3. What a great picture. Do they have their paws entwined? Asleep no doubt? Such a great close up of the fur, curly and smooth.

    My mom’s ragdoll is ONLY bathed at the vet. It would take an army to do it. It takes four people to clip her nails…one to hold her head, one to hold both back paws, one to hold the loose front paw and one to clip. You really have to trust the person holding her head. Nicky and Willow both just sit on my lap and seem to enjoy the clipping or is it the attention.

  4. I have been trying to identify specific cat parts in your photo to no avail. Lovely fur.

    Every cat I have ever had has had a different coat. I’m certain I could identify each with my eyes shut, just by touching their fur. My older orange tiger cat, the sweet and saintly Archie, is universally agreed (even by other braggart cat owners) to be the silkiest cat of all time.

    Since the arrival on the scene of Ms. Sydney, the glamour kitty, Archie’s pesky nemesis, her fur has changed. It is still a much rougher coat than his. However, it has become softer since Archie started grooming her. It makes me wonder if it’s something in his tongue/cleaning apparatus that keeps the Archster so soft.

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