Sasha McKitten’s first Christmas tree

After I posted last Friday that Sasha wasn’t going to have a Christmas tree, I began feeling a little sad. This is the McKittens’ fourth Christmas with us, and we haven’t had a Christmas tree any of the past three years. When Philip offered to contribute to the Buy Sasha a Tree fund, I caved enough to mention to Paul that I’d like to have a tree, and that the cats might be old enough to behave around it.

I arrived home from work (way too late) this evening to find a sweet little noble fir tree in our living room’s corner bay. (Thanks, sweetheart!) The cats’ initial interest had waned in the hours since Paul brought the tree home, but strings of red wooden beads and lights piqued their kitty curiousity again.

I decorated especially for Sasha (and Sergei and Lyra), using only non-fragile ornaments: painted wooden doves and angels, tatted lace snowflakes (sturdier than they look), and a quartet of Santas: three of quilted felt, the fourth, swinging on a quarter moon at the top of the tree, of something unnatural and seemingly unbreakable.

Here’s Sasha with his tree, which – so far, knock on wood – he has been enjoying from floor level.

sasha's treesasha meets angel

11 thoughts on “Sasha McKitten’s first Christmas tree”

  1. I’m so happy for the McKittens and for their mommy! I think a Christmas tree adds warmth on a cold bleak day, i.e. a Seattle winter day.

  2. Oh, how I wish I could keep my cats all out of the tree! It’s a nightmare, I tell you. At least two of them are roosting near the top of it at all times.

  3. I ‘m pretty sure that Sasha is contemplating the best possible technique for deconstructing this tree. He doesn’t want to act too soon, lest he fail to derive maximum pleasure from the process. So many options when you have teeth, claws, and a knack for jumping and climbing….

  4. What a wonderful tree! Sasha is a lucky cat! You too, to have such a thoughtful sweetheart. If it does come down it looks like you could just set it right but I think it’s too stout and sturdy. Enjoy.

  5. Ours are only interested in the felt tree skirt, running and sliding across it to muss it up and then plopping down underneath to spy on everyone else. They haven’t messed with the soft cloth ornaments around the bottom, placed there this year especially for them. The tree has been up for two weeks now and so far, to damage. Now, the bows on the packages will be another matter entirely.

  6. Hi Kimberly, what a beautiful kitty. And a lucky kitty, to be given such a beautiful tree. Hopefully she will realise her fortune, and allow the tree to remain standing !! After a week or so, the novelty wore off for our new kitty, so hopefully it will for Sasha, too. Best of luck, and merry Christmas.

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