Feline Friday: Home alone

sasha sees greenI usually post Feline Friday photos shortly after midnight, just before going to sleep. At that time last night/this morning, Paul and I were arriving in Houston to spend Christmas with my family.

Yes, we left the McKittens home alone with Sasha’s Christmas tree. Of course, their Auntie Lynne will be coming to feed them and play with them, but for most of the time we’re gone, they will be free to have their way with the tree. While we were home, they treated the tree very gently. They would occasionally circle it, or stick their faces up into the lower branches, but there was little playing with ornaments and, as far as we could tell, no climbing.

I’m hoping they’ll continue to be very, very good kitties for the next few days.

The Friday Ark is afloat, and the Carnival of the Cats will be at Watermark on Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Feline Friday: Home alone”

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  2. Ours have been very good with the tree as well. Not so much with the bows, but we knew that and don’t put them on until just before “Santa” comes. Have a good time, maybe you can give us an update when you hear from Auntie Lynne.

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