Carnival of the Cats #91

Welcome to the 91st Carnival of the Cats! This week, it seems that some of our furry friends are getting into the spirit of the season. For the felines in this week’s sample, “the season” is Christmas. If your cats celebrate Saturnalia, Solstice, Chanakuh or Kwanzaa with you, I’d love to see photos!

Christmas Cat ScratchingI mentioned on Friday that Sasha McKitten wouldn’t be getting a Christmas tree this year. Several posts this week feature cats and trees; some made me wistful. Maybe Sasha will get a small tree this week… and maybe not.

**Update: Sasha has a Christmas tree. It has been in the house for several hours. It is still standing.**

Miss Cellania‘s multi-faceted post about the Cat’s Christmas included this cartoon, which shows how I imagine a Christmas tree would be treated here in the McKitten house. At The Oubliette, Mira’s tree for yule, saturnalia, christmas, or hanukah is full of cats… cat ornaments, that is. Sadly, Eep has not gotten the holiday spirit where new cat Callie is concerned.

Some cats just like to look at (and of course approve) Christmas trees. Melange‘s Clover is happy contemplating the Christmas tree. Good Clover! And Sisu‘s Baby may have visions of kitty treats dancing in his head, but doesn’t seem to be climbing… yet?

However, at All Things Jen(nifer), Sasha Kitten is reducing the Ornament Count, and has a new version of an old favorite carol: O Kitty Tree. The Daily Brief‘s Hunter must be in the tree. And My Cats Are French‘s Zath’ras will even eat a silver tree. (Mr. Bigglesworth just looks, and Pumpkin can’t be bothered.)

Cats all over are waiting for a visit from Santa Claws. At When Cats Attack!, Betsy is sending a letter to Santy Claws. At The Secret Life of Shoes, Tinker’s cat wants to be Santa Claws.

No Deep Thoughts‘s Rhett and Rafe just couldn’t wait, so Santa came early. At Rosie presents the Daily Rosie, Rosie asks about a present: is this for me?

At Beezer Song, Beezer wants Santa to know that he has been a very good boy. And lhk reminds us that every cat deserves a home for the holidays. Suldog-O-Rama tells a story of two cats who are home because of a Christmas Miracle.

To wrap up the seasonal portion of the Carnival, EGO‘s Morris is sending Holiday Greetings.

While some cats seem happy to participate in their humans’ celebrations at this time of year, other cats just continue on about their business, eating, sleeping, playing, etc. You’d almost think that they didn’t care about this holiday stuff.

Niobium‘s Francesca, Harley and Caesar go to The Vet. At Running Scared, Tom’s eye is on the mend. And at Texas Oasis, “Wyatt Urp” (aka Alex) is feeling better, but needs a bigger tent.

At Teak Talks, Snork is pressed into mole-hunting duty. Elms in the Yard‘s Lady in Red defends her territory.

Scribblings‘s resident tuxedo cat just wants to be away from the bustling crowd. When CascadeExposures‘s tuxie isn’t trying to get a nap, it’s time for fun.

Lyn at for bloggin’ outloud asks the question: What Are Cats & Dogs?

At AllanThinks, Allan’s kitties are begging: Oh, Please! Oh, Please! Oh, Please!

Pencil Roving‘s Mr. Gato works hard at his job as muse (or should that be “mews”?).

At Blog d’Elisson, Hakuna and Matata maintain that leisure time is all the time, but only Matata likes lounging amidst the debris. At eatstuff, the cat is in the bag.

At blog, Pilot and Plato show Mike a Two Cat Night. At annoying little twerp, Shady will cuddle with clothes, even without a person in them.

Conservative Cat Ferdy shares an unusually tender moment with the Gremlin.

At Middle-Fork, Sabaki soaks up the Sun. And Curiouser and Curiouser‘s Tinker and Harley are catching some rays.

ASB World‘s Plato poses for the camera. And at Manx Mnews, Boo gives Debra that sweet head-tilting look. The Common Room has another pretty kitty.

Bloggg‘s Feak is sitting pretty. At daily dose of queer, Ralph has been photographed with his eyes open.

Life~Florida~Whatever‘s Tigger reminds Pet that Bengals can’t tell time. At pages turned, Ellie ponders logical thinking: Inductive? Deductive? Does a kitten care?

At The People’s Republic of Seabrook, Jack writes about a feral cat problem. Mr. Toast at Wind In The Wire hopes that a feral kitty may be a future family member. And Let’s Get Something Straight Between Us! pens The Ballad of Frankie Lee, about a cat lost in New Orleans.

At enrevanche, Barry’s pictures are too cute, and I ain’t lion. And Athenamama shows that sisters can be of different species.

At Lunar Obverse, Smacky just thinks he’s hiding.

Sleeping Mommy‘s Willie and Mickey worry that others won’t understand their love. Caturday‘s little tiger Fergus got the cat pal that he so needed: Silas.

At maggies meanderings and shameless plugs, the kitties like to do things together. Mensa Barbie‘s Butterscotch has new friend: a techno cat sitter.

The Blue Parrot‘s Doby watches TV upside down. At Composite Drawlings, AyeAye just has to test the waters.

The Blog Pound has had a Kitten invasion. Of course, they’ll grow. Just Between Strangers‘s Pixel is almost grown up. And Where the Dolphins Play‘s Hobbes has just had his first birthday.

Striving For Average‘s Chocolate Chip has star power.

At A Shareware Life, there’s an attack Pumpkin.

At Josh’s Weblog, Snowball and Church gaze out at the day. While Catymology‘s Aloysius lounges, he suggests more things to do if you’re a cat.

Resonant Information‘s Romulus is caught yawning. But that’s not so bad. Right Thoughts‘ JimK has done poor Morgana wrong; she’s been caught poopin’!

At Sisu, Tiny and Baby are obliging photo models, Aslan and Baby share a focus, and there’s a cat in this picture.

Mind of Mog‘s cats have been engaging in Lap Wars, then taking time to regroup and marshall their energy.

And, to round off the Carnival, Watermark has photos of Cousin Sue’s Montana winter kitties, PeeWee and DC. Watermark will be hosting the Carnival of the Cats next Sunday; see you there.

Well, that’s it for this week. If I missed you, let me know.

**It seems that almost all of the trackback pings that I sent to folks using Haloscan and TypePad failed. Steve at Modulator has had this problem with Friday Ark trackbacks, but this is the first time for me. Sorry.**


I think it’s just about time for a nap. Sergei agrees.

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  4. Love the carnival, will take me a day or two to get everywhere.

    You asked about the bow. I took violin for about four years as a child, piano for about six years. My mom is an excellent accomplished pianist, alas I was never that driven. She decided to take violin lessons when I did. The bow is from her violin. Amazingly, I was much better than she was on the violin. She never could get the hang of the bow, how to tilt it on edge and draw it across the strings. Her attempts always came across as “fingernails on the chalkboard”. My brother was about 3 and would hide in his room and I left the house when she practiced. She finally gave it up when my dad very tactfully asked her to stop. The violin is hanging in a place of honor on the wall next to the piano.

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  6. Good morning! Here via Michele’s, and it’s a good thing I came here on a Monday – it’s going to take me concerted effort for the rest of the week to get through most of that list. Fabulously done!

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