Feline Friday: The fur defense

Anyone who has lived with a pair of cats can see what’s about to happen here. The body language is clear: Sergei’s muscles tensed, poised for attack; Sasha’s ears back, paws up to defend himself.


Sergei doesn’t realize that Sasha has a special defensive strategy…

A porcupine shoots his quills, and a skunk his stink. As we see here, Sasha can project clumps of his soft, silky fur into the face of an attacker. (What? You didn’t know cats can shoot their fur? We see evidence of this defensive strategy all over our house. Don’t you?)


It’s difficult to pay attention to wrestling when one is trying to remove a fur clump from one’s tongue. Pppttthh! Pppffth!


Oh, for opposable thumbs…


Cats wrestle with dogs and more on the Friday Ark. The fur is flying at the Carnival of the Cats this week, in a big three parter at Pages Turned.

9 thoughts on “Feline Friday: The fur defense”

  1. Oh yes! Those clumps of fur that magically appear after one hears the sounds of mortal battle. Our Scarlett can have this battle, attack and defend, produce the fur puffs and the sound effects…..ALL BY HERSELF! My brother has always said she had a split personality!

    Looks like Sergei bit off more than he can chew!

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  4. Your cats look amazingly like my Bandit and Smoke. Smoke, too, is an expert at hairpuff shedding, and Bandit is often walking around with tufts of puffs hanging from his mouth.

  5. I have often seen that “look” Sergei has on his face from my Boo (who amazingly looks just like your beautiful Sergei). She and her feline brother had the same battle your two cats did, with less fur flying, but nevertheless the same result. TOO funny. Great pictures!

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