Feline Friday: Who pushed Mr. Penguin?

mrpenguinMeet Mr. Penguin. Mr. Penguin lives, along with the twin sponge penguins and the absurdly colored San Diego Zoo penguin, in our bathroom. His home has most recently been on the windowsill, which is one of the few spots in the bathroom wide enough for this rather chubby, awkward bird.

Several mornings ago, I stumbled into the bathroom for my shower to find Mr. Penguin sprawled on the floor. I picked him up, and placed him back on his sill. Later that night, I was in the bathroom when one of the cats leapt onto the windowsill and, as I watched, pushed Mr. Penguin off the sill! I must confess that I was not sufficiently stern with the offender. In fact, I laughed, and replaced Mr. Penguin. The following night, I spotted the same cat navigating the route from edge of the bathtub to the back of the toilet, and onto the windowsill. I grabbed my camera. And here, almost caught in the act, is the perpetrator of penguin-pushing:

mrpenguin and serg

Look at that expression! No way can Sergei plead that he didn’t know penguin-pushing was wrong; it’s written all over his face. No one’s gonna be smiling during this perp walk…

Why are there no penguins on the Friday Ark? Cats and their co-conspirators (unindicted or otherwise) will be at Watermark‘s Carnival on Sunday.

14 thoughts on “Feline Friday: Who pushed Mr. Penguin?”

  1. Yesterday while sitting at the kitchen table helping Liam with his homework we watched our cat Isabella as she caught, released, then caught again a small green lizard. She toted it around in her mouth for awhile, then when it was sufficiently stunned, placed it on the deck and batted it around like a toy for a bit. Then she picked it up in her mouth and went to a corner of the patio and bit its little head off, leaving it’s bloody body on the patio.

    My son was both intrigued and horrified.

  2. Sergei looks guilty for sure, don’t they all when caught in the act.
    In MS we had an upstairs loft open to the entryway and I would often see Willow sitting on the edge looking down at the grandfather clock that stood next to the stairway. I thought she was just contemplating her navel or some such thing. When they took the clock for our move, I found, beneath it in an 18″ square space: 3 plastic squiggly cat toys, 4 pom-pom cat toys, 2 “smashed” ping pong balls, 5 tiny stuffed toy mice (2 sans tails) and 15 of my daughter’s nylon covered rubber hair bands (they were always disappearing), along with the customary dust bunnies. The clock had a space on the backside against the wall where things could be slipped under. This was the only opening. Willow sat in the loft, knocked the chosen items off, watched them fall and then batted them on under from below. And I had no clue. I just kept buying Nyssa hair bands.

  3. srp, I have one cat that thinks hair elastics are the cats meow (pun intended). Francesca will climb up the toilet to get the ones I have sitting on the shelf. I walk around the house, pick them up, put them back where they belong, and still I find them all over the place. Whenever I need to put my hair up, I ask Wolf “Hey Babe, can you find me a hair elastic please” to which he always laughs.

    Of late, she’s been sleeping with one next to her head (like right now) and if you try to take it away, she slowly opens an eye, watches what you are doing, then chirps in protest. Next, she’ll chase you all over the house waiting for you to put it away so she may take it once again.

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  5. His guilt is palpable. Or I guess it’s shame, rather than guilt, since he’s a cat. It is my belief that they do it because they like to watch things fall. Cat as scientist?

    Archie, my older cat, was responsible for the strangest cat/stuffed animal behaviour of my personal experience. To explain this, it is necessary for me to admit that my personal elderly teddy bear, Moe, has not been put away for future grandchildren, but can usually be found propped up on my bed. My cats , who like to sleep on my bed, don’t really mess with him, presumably because he is a bit heavy for them. (Although I did once find a cast iron trivet on the bed. I can’t imagine how they did it.)

    Over the years, I have brought in a lot of little stuffed mice, and so on, for feline amusement. Generally, a new mouse will be played with, lost, found later, and played with again.

    One day, I came home from work, and on my bed, all in a row, lined up next to Moe the Bear, were 7 of the little toy mice. I’m still pondering the meaning of this. Was it “Her toys, my toys, all together” ? Was it “She killed one, I killed one, we dragged them all back to the cave, let’s have dinner?” Archie looked very proud, but then he usually does. As he is a cat, his self esteem is pretty well boundless.

    I guess I will never know.

  6. hehehe Does he like to be in there when you are showering? I used to have a cat that would get in the shower with me! He would sit there and howl, but would not get out until I turned off the shower!

    Hi from Michele!

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  8. My cat Bill never pushes penguins as far as I know.
    He DOES however love to play slip ‘n’ slide if any papers are left on the floor.
    He takes my elasticized pony-tail bands off sinks and countertops, carries them downstairs, and plays hockey with them across the kitchen floor – until they are lost under the stove or refrigerator.
    He is indeed the light of my life.

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