Carnival of the Cats #80

Welcome to the 80th edition of Carnival of the Cats. Sasha, Sergei and Lyra have been looking at kitty pictures with me, and have each chosen their favorites. But before I reveal the McKittens’ picks, here are a few out-of-the-ordinary items:

Infuriating: Jim K tells the heartbreaking story of a cat who needs a new home. Jim says, “She’s a ten year-old, very healthy, VERY friendly Siamese. Her previous owner brought her to my vet to be euthanized. Why? Because the new poodles the woman got don’t like her. My vet said no way.” If you live near New Haven, and have room in your home and heart for another cat, get in touch with Jim.

Humor: In 6:00 am Wakeup Call, Brandon asks how to keep his kitten Cali from waking him up early by purring in his ear. My reaction: Bwahaha! Get used to it. Anyone have more useful ideas for Brandon?

Literary: Are you a poet who doesn’t know it? And is your cat undeniably fat? Martha invites you to wield your pen: Write A Poem, Win A Book: The First Fat Cat Poetry Contest!

And now, on with the show! (Question: Each of the McKittens has particular criteria for their picks. Can you figure out what they are?)


Josh has a photo of two adorable kittens, the aptly named Snowball and interestingly named Church.

Mira contrasts Noah’s (solar-powered) black back and McCullough’s white belly.

Dolphin‘s cat Gryphon explains that pillows are over-rated.

Spectra the forekitty supervises Jan‘s work.

Tinker‘s furry baby will be staying home this Halloween.

Lab Kat presents Pixel in pink tissue paper.

Signor Ferrari shows Jackie having another lazy day.

Jeff‘s golden-eyed Miss Ebby is posing for Hallow’een.

The Robot Vegetable follows; Tinker leads the way.

Debra shows Boo responding appropriately to those camera-wielding catarazzi.

From Denmark, Mathilde posts a winking black cat.

Tommy catches Chocolate Chip looking for caffeine.

Later, Chocolate Chip tells Peaches (and the rest of the world) to go away.

lyra-eyes1LYRA’S PICKS

ACM shows Pasha looking to play.

Michael says that just ‘cuz Harley’s been caught on the barstool doesn’t mean he’s drinking again.

Clare‘s cat Kiri eats – or at least chews up – cardboard boxes. Clare also has links to cat blogging by other food-bloggers.

SRP has photos of kitty love, of both the unrequited and sibling varieties.

SB‘s cats are unusually gray today, but are as always photogenic.

Kate shows Elvis and Audrey perfecting their kitty cooling techniques.

Julie documents the ages of Smoke.

Barb‘s cat participates in the ever popular afternoon window gazing.

Mog has many photos of beautiful shades-of-gray cats: here’s what a Cat-6 looks like, a funny link, kitty karma blogging, and both Friday and
Saturday kitty time.


Barry plays Box Fugue in G(ato) Minor. Would a good person send his cat’s favorite perch to storage?

Elisson shows Hakuna and Matata exhibiting the feline nesting instinct.

Susan has a pic of Ellie, the newest member of the family.

Pipsqueak has a kitten on a haybale.

It’s all, um, Danish to me, but there’s a cute kitten at Dorte’s Smadderkasse.

Rahel has had a visit with the Lady in Red.

Athena says Wheee!, Sarai is full of Lurrrrrrve, and Kat tells the Boy something we all know.

Ferdinand T. Cat gives the Gremlin a tap upside the head.

Jazz apologizes to Pepe for being remiss, having missed two weeks of Friday catblogging.

Blueberry wants us to think that a cat needs coffee.

PJ‘s cats Rafe and Rhett are baseball fans. Go ‘stros!

Sissy at sisu has photos intraspecies animal attraction and Baby enjoying something in the newspaper (but not how you might think), and a memorial for Mikey.

maggie katzen wants a caption for this photo.

Nio has some funny names for her cats, including Francesca, Torti of Destruction.

Aydin declares a stalemate between Marissa-Cat and the chipmunk.

Mensa Barbie shows Butterscotch with a new haircut.

Martin‘s cat Morris discovers that typing will wear you out.

Lisa‘s cat Siofra claims the bookshelf. Mine!

Beth says her post is not exactly cat-blogging, but she shares a gorgeous RFOAC.

leucanthemum b describes her transformation from a dog person into a cat lady.

And, in the final submission today, COTC founder Laurence has subjected Frisky and Nardo to *gasp* a kitty Hallow’een costume. Got what he deserved, too, did Lair.

That’s all for this week. Next week’s Carnival of the Cats will be at Gina’s Rantings. (Please use Ferdy’s super-cool Carnival Submission Form!)

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