Feline Friday: Horn buds


See the two small bumps in the fur between Lyra’s ears? Those are her horn buds. Yes, I know she looks almost angelically sweet, and most days she is, but occasionally she’s such a little hellcat that I expect tiny red horns to break through.

Is Lyra the only one with horn buds on the Friday Ark? Maybe, maybe not. Meryl‘s big green friend Hulk, who is hosting Carnival of the Cats #79, doesn’t see any horns. That’s only because Hulk doesn’t know Lyra.

7 thoughts on “Feline Friday: Horn buds”

  1. The BINX has some horns that he must keep retracted, like Uncle Martin on My Favorite Martian. He’s been waking me up all week at 4 so that I’ll give him affection.

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  4. My cats from Hades don’t show their “knobs” like Lyra, but they sure do act it out at times.
    Oh and Kim, I’ll say a prayer for your folks. I know the waiting and the wondering is hard. Will be thinking about you too.

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