Over 18 months have passed since the Black House, the Queen Anne landmark at 222 West Highland Drive, was demolished by its remarkably insensitive new owner. Just recently, a sign went up on the site advertising a future development. The philistine who had the gall to tear down one of the most prominent historic houses in the city is planning to build four luxury condos on the site. While the developer has hired one of Seattle’s fine architecture firms to design the project, I don’t think much of the sketch shown below.

According to the web site, the asking price for the “warm shell” of the smallest condo (1800 s.f.) will be $1.95 million. That’s more than was paid for the Black House. And a “warm shell” is only the walls, roof and mechanical systems (electrical, HVAC, plumbing) of a building; that $1.95 million (or higher) will buy a raw concrete floor slab, no kitchen cabinets, no plumbing fixtures (though the water and waste lines will be in). You’ll have to hire your own contractor to finish out the interior of the condo.

Really, which of these would you choose?

3 thoughts on “Irreplaceable”

  1. Does this mean that the insensitive individual or family that originally purchased the back house and demolished it decided to sell the land because of neighborhood animosity? Or are the current developer and the original purchaser one and the same? LOL B

  2. Kimberly,

    Neither the link to the photo of the Black house nor the article about it worked for me. Perhaps they didn’t make the transition from


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