Carnival of the Cats #64

Sasha, Lyra, Sergei and I welcome you to the new home of Music and Cats, and to Carnival of the Cats #64, the Just Barely Out of the Boxes edition.

(Things are still a little crazy around here; you know how it is when you move to a new place. Please bear with us while we get everything unpacked and in its proper place. And please let us know if anything got broken during the move.)

Laurence Simon at This Blog Is Full Of Crap says that the Frisky Cam is no more… it’s now the Edloe Capsize Cam.

Steve at Irritation Station shows a Gimme Five that I’d be afraid to return.

At Ramble Strip, Kim is grieving for Cinders, who was recently killed. (So sorry, Kim.) There are a few things that make her feel better.

Joan at Oasis of Sanity has made a very difficult decision: that’s it, then.

Steve at Blog d’Elisson wants to know: Do I Look Stupid To You? Oh, wait, it’s Matata who wants to know that…

srp at Mélange shows us what happens when Chloe tangles with a piece of fruit: The Great Banana Fight.

Gus at Gus Van Horn catches Jerome indulging in a favorite vice: Mmm-Mmm-Magnolia!

At pages turned, Claudius gives Susan that look. You know, the one that means, “If you wanted my opinion, you coulda just asked.”

Aunty Holly has a primer for you and your feline friends: Computer Literacy for Cats.

Julie at blog shows Smoke says the weather looks fine. “Can we go out now? Pleeeeeze, can we go out now?”

Barry at enrevanche shows a very, very long Mr. Gato.

JT at OldController has disturbed the lovely Pearl, who was just trying to sleep here!.

At Middle-Fork, the Robot Vegetable has spied Houdini In The Apple Tree.

D.E.D. at DED Space features the ecology edition of Friday Cat blogging: Velma recycles.

At striving for average, tommy is having trouble with his star feline. Chocolate Chip says, “enough with the camera“.

Conservative Cat‘s Ferdy understands about Making Yourself Heard… especially when the subject is dinner!

At Lab Kat, Pixel is taking a break.

At Jenna Thomas-McKie, there’s a new kitten who needs a name. Jenna is taking suggestions; science fiction or fantasy characters only, please.

Romeocat at CatHouse Chat shows those goofy, cute and adorable purrs, Smudge and Pixel.

At Lunar Obverse, Brian engages in a little Friday Smacky Blogging.

As usual, Sissy wins the award for most cat photos at Sisu: Tiny on patrol, Baby touch-typing, RFOAC of two cats, Baby demonstrating the Catfort Scale and enrevanche‘s Chow Fun (eek! a dog!) and Mr. Gato relaxing.

Kat at The Wisdom of Change has a post for her Cat, who is not forgotten: In Memorium.

Loretta at Dust my Broom presents Is it Friday already?

maggie katzen at maggies meanderings and shameless plugs has me puzzled. Is that a real cat, or an RFOAC?

Matt at The Tattered Coat has caught Luna flossing. (If only the care of a cat’s teeth were so simple.)

At 7610, Chuq shows us Blur, who is “just sharpening my claws on Dad’s leg.” Oh, that looks familiar…

At The Daily Brief, Timmer’s cat (whose name I sadly do not know) asks,” Did You Have To Post The Butt Shot?

From the Mind of Mog come the second largest number of cat-blogging posts: Friday Yummies, a very soft Bazel and Krissie and Bazel in Lap Wars II.

At Scribblings, Mouse has some questions for Storyteller: Feline Friday: Wait a minute….

Your Moosey Fate‘s Gir has Hi and Mischief “caught in the act again.” (Don’t worry; family-friendly photos.)

In an unusual move, SB at Watermark has convinced Boo and Spike to engage in Saturday Cat Blogging.

At Sundappled Wood, frightwig shows Pearl, Gusto, O’Malley and Ornette engaged in feline favorites playing and napping.

Pipsqueak at The Common Room has the Awwww of the week, a calico kitten, just a few moments after birth, being bathed by its mother.

Martin at EGO shows Morris with a favorite meal: a hard-boiled egg.

At The People’s Republic of Seabrook, it seems that Jack has accepted the latest de facto addition to the family. Does the new addition have a name yet, Jack?

At The Venus and Mercury Cat Blog, Alicia finds Venus engaged in an important discovery. Mercury looks on.

At the Oubliette, Mira has a photo essay of Maleficent, Noah and McCullough eating dinner together.

Meryl at shows Tig in a moment of kitty Zen.

Well, that’s all for this week! Next week’s Carnival will be hosted by Steve ‘ask me about my punchbowl meme’ Elisson of Blog d’Elisson. Submit your catblogging posts using Ferdy the Conservative Cat’s Carnival Submission Form, or by emailing them to submissions(at)carnivalofthecats(dot)com. That’s a new email address, as the last one had been overrun with spam, much of it written in characters that my computer does not recognize.

22 thoughts on “Carnival of the Cats #64”

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  3. Wow, Miko is gonna be double mad now. I forgot to put her name in the post and I posted the butt-shot. You can bet she’s gonna wake me an hour early tomorrow.

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  5. I love the new site – it looks beautiful!

    Thanks so much for hosting. You always do an excellent job, so it’s a *must* to stop by.

    — R’cat

  6. hi! michelle sent me.

    cute site, i have some very cute cats myself. i can’t wait until i get a digital camera – i’m going to send out photos of my cats like my friends with children do of the kids.

  7. Bennett said…meow, meooooww, meow. Which of course translates to the three cats and their human have a new home. Of course I did not believe him, so I came to check for myself…he is correct. Proof that I shoudl never doubt the wisdom of anything with pointy ears.

    Love the new site, or as Bennett would say: meooow!

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